RMA Consulting

How we helped optimise marketing for one of London's leading user experience and technology consultancies.


What RMA needed

RMA Consulting, a leading London-based user experience and technology design firm, had reached a point where professional sales and marketing were needed to accelerate business growth. Their leadership team engaged with Marke2ing initially to shape their go-to-market strategy. Longer term their goal was to build a marketing plan and infrastructure to support their objectives of generating new business and raising awareness of the RMA brand. They also needed support in executing that marketing.

“We could tell Marke2ing understood our business and needs from the get-go. That’s why we brought them in as our in-house marketing team, to shape our marketing strategy and deliver the supporting plan. From setting up monitoring and reporting tools, to establishing a DM process and social media presence, content creation, lead generation and events – they got the job done. Their support model is just right for where we, as a growing business, are right now. They’ve quickly become an asset we can’t do without and I feel they’re part of our management team. The fact they’re a good personality fit with our people has also made working together a pleasure.”

Peter Lelliott, Managing Director of UX & technology firm RMA Consulting.

How Marke2ing helped

Working with stakeholders across the business we took RMA smoothly through the go-to-market process – the output being direction and clarity on what to focus time and resource on. From here we went on to develop the supporting marketing strategy, plan and budget needed to reach their goals.

Pulling on our network of marketing specialists we could offer hands-on support to manage events, execute DM campaigns, launch a revamped website, carry out regular social media activity, run PPC campaigns, and write compelling content. Working with Sales, we set them up with the tools (e.g. Salesforce.com, DotMailer, Hootsuite) and internal processes needed to manage, measure and report on all marketing activity.

Fundamental to communicating with their target audience, we shaped their messaging so that they continue to stand out in the competitive design space. It was also important that RMA strike the right balance between generating leads and getting their brand out there. Keeping a close eye on activity across the various channels, and the subsequent ROI, meant we helped them do just that.

19th June 2015