It isn’t all right-brain – KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! (Essential for getting B2B marketing measurement right)

For marketers who like a bit of right-brain activity, it can be easy to get caught up in crafting content with killer headlines and catchy CTAs. But to be respected within a business any decent calibre marketer must be confident with their numbers. It’s a must these days, no longer a nice-to-have.

We’ve all looked away when we’ve seen it unfold on BBC2’s shows “Dragons’ Den” and “The Apprentice”. So-called entrepreneurs, amongst them self-professed experienced marketers, who fall apart when it comes to talking about figures or miss out on investments due to shaky maths. Have a cringe at these massive number fails:

Dragon’s Den

The Apprentice

This is pure gold dust for the producers and happily for them, it’s a regular occurrence. Whilst you’re unlikely to be facing the pressure of a Beeb camera crew intently focused on you anytime soon, you still cannot leave this area to someone else or think you’ll somehow avoid questions here.

Understanding and being confident talking figures, particularly with the C-Suite is key to ensuring that marketing is measured, understands what success looks like and continues to receive the investment it needs to succeed. To stand up and confidently share your lead targets, conversion rates, ROI expectations, and all the other metrics you need to know to do your job well will:

  • Show that your department is accountable and measured
  • Demonstrate there is sane rationale behind your planning
  • Present you as a credible individual

Ready to get your head around some numbers?

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Need a bit more right-brain help?

Drop us a line if you or your marketing team could do with a little help around the numbers side of things. It’s what we do day in, day out.

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