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outsourced marketing support
outsourced marketing support
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Outsourced Marketing Support for London SMEs

If you run a growing London business and need to improve your B2B marketing capabilities, we can help. As your part-time B2B marketing directors and team we’re a low-risk, proven option to transform marketing performance.

Have a marketing director on your side, not your payroll and see marketing deliver bottom-line growth.

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Alistair Vince headshot WMT

It’s been fantastic working with Marke2ing – having the knowledge that everything is in hand at all times is so important for companies like us. Combined with the extremely high standards of work and wide skill set, it becomes a very attractive proposition, one we will be using again and again.

Alistair Vince
Chief Thinker & CEO, Watch Me Think
Laura Fleming - Royal Colleage of Physicians

Linsay has been a valuable support to me in generating a strategic marketing framework for the RCP. She has listened and factored in the characteristics of our organisation, and balanced this with a commercial outside perspective, providing me with tools and techniques to measure current performance and identify strategic ways forward. I would recommend her to others who are looking for a refreshing perspective!

Laura Fleming
Head of Strategic Marketing & Corporate Partnerships, Royal College of Physicians
Kylie Webb, Deltek quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

Marke2ing were very quick to understand our value proposition and produced messaging which talks more directly to UK businesses and people in a more concise and compelling way. Their grasp of our business and ability to deliver the support we wanted gave us confidence to bring them in for a longer-term project around sales lead generation.

Kylie Webb
Marketing Director, ERP software provider Deltek
Jason Scott, CivilisedBank quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

We decided to have Marke2ing join us in our mission to make money more civilised because they can provide exactly what we need: they get our brand, think commercially, act like entrepreneurs themselves and bring international marketing experience to support our expansion. What made that decision even easier is that they will be our insourced marketing directors on a flexible schedule, thinking as CivilisedBank without us having to hire them.

Jason Scott
Civilised Investments, Founder
Michael Huynh, Branchspace quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

Marke2ing provided us with valuable insights and were tremendously responsive and professional. Great to work with.

Michael Huynh
Managing Director, Branchspace
Peter Lelliott, RMA Consulting quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

We could tell Marke2ing understood our business and needs from the get-go. That’s why we brought them in as our in-house marketing team, to shape our marketing strategy and deliver the supporting plan.

Peter Lelliott
Managing Director, UX & technology firm RMA Consulting
Lori Bush Shepard, Clarizen quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

Clarizen tapped Marke2ing’s expertise for a market research project we were looking to extend into the UK market. Meeting our tight deadline, they adapted our US approach to make it appropriate for the UK, sourced a poll provider and coordinated the project from start to finish. They worked well with our internal team and our PR agencies on both sides of the Atlantic, resulting in solid media coverage and evergreen content for our marketing efforts. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Lori Bush Shepard
VP of Corporate Marketing, Collaborative work management software company Clarizen
Kirsty Weston, RMA Consulting quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

Marke2ing’s support through the recruitment and interview process ensured quality marketing resource was brought in-house. Their smooth onboarding then brought our new marketer quickly up to speed. Throughout we’ve had peace of mind knowing we could pick up the reins from them at our own pace, with their steady guidance and support to keep us on track whenever we needed it.

Kirsty Weston
VP of Client Services, RMA Consulting
David Woodfield, Bought by Many quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

Working with Marke2ing was an investment that developed our understanding of our own proposition and shaped our partnering approach for greater success.

David Woodfield
Chief InventorHead of Partnerships, innovative insurance online broker - Bought by Many
Brad Bamfield, Joint Equity quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

Marke2ing quickly understood our unique value proposition, researched our target audiences and worked diligently to produce quality video content. Great results and peace of mind from working with Marke2ing.

Brad Bamfield
CEO, home ownership venture Joint Equity
Russell Henley, Sefaira Ltd quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

It’s Marke2ing’s “plug&play” phrase that really struck a chord. Flexible, insourced support is perfectly suited to our business model and marketing needs.

Russell Henley
VP Business Development EMEA, Sefaira Ltd
Ian Jeffries, EEVS Insight quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

They’re knowledgeable, energetic, incredibly well organised, and have that all-important ‘can do’ mentality. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Marke2ing.

Ian Jeffries
Managing Director, energy efficiency specialists EEVS Insight
Guy Jeremiah, Ohyo quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

The Marke2ing team has supported Ohyo in two social media campaigns, and in both projects
planned the campaigns bringing their marketing expertise to the table. They went on to manage the process from beginning to end, were on the case and I could rely on them to make sure that none of the parties involved dropped the ball. I really couldn’t have done it without their help, thumbs up for Marke2ing support.

Guy Jeremiah
MD & Co-founder, Inventors of the collapsabottle, Ohyo

Business leaders contract our services to implement the right marketing strategy and ensure:

* their marketing approach is right for them
* marketing budget is invested for best value and return
* their inhouse marketing capabilities improve

Marketing direction

Marketing capabilities review
Marketing strategy
Go-to-market strategy
Planning & budgeting
Marketing structure & processes
Optimising ROI

Marketing execution

Sales lead generation & nurturing
Client retention & upselling
Brand awareness
New product / market launches
Supplier management
Partner marketing

Marketing people

Marketing director resource
Access to marketing specialists
Coaching & upskilling
Systems & tools to empower people


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