How we helped a global ERP software company localise their marketing and generate leads.


What Deltek needed

ERP software provider Deltek was faced with a challenge many global businesses experience – that of making sales and product messages work across different territories. They brought Marke2ing in to localise global value propositions and make them compelling for the UK market. They then needed to adapt that messaging to work on their website.

The German market was also growing for Deltek and thus was their need for professional, localised marketing. We were pulled in to support their sales efforts by crafting a lead-generation focused marketing plan for test campaigns and execute it. They were starting from a position where brand awareness was yet to be established.

Kylie Webb, Deltek quote on Marke2ing’s professional B2B marketing support

As a global business, translating product messaging to work locally is a constant internal challenge and so we wanted a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at our and the competition’s messaging. Marke2ing were very quick to understand our value proposition and produced messaging which talks more directly to UK businesses and people in a more concise and compelling way. Their grasp of our business and ability to deliver the support we wanted gave us confidence to bring them in for a longer-term project around sales lead generation in the German market, one of our key European markets. We’re very satisfied with their work, they have been and will continue to be a great Partner for Deltek.

Kylie Webb
Marketing Director, ERP software provider Deltek

How Marke2ing helped

Marke2ing loves to get to the heart of what it is a business does – what makes them unique, why clients choose them over the competition, and how to then communicate that in a compelling way. Once we understood Deltek’s proposition, we took them smoothly through one of our messaging processes. The output: strong UK-focused messaging fit for purpose. From this we wrote website copy for them to promote one of their product lines.

For their German sales efforts we drew on our experience as international marketing directors. And with a co-founder of native German roots, we hit the ground running. Working diligently with their German sales director and internal marketing team we developed a plan in 4 weeks, and were executing lead generation activities incl. telemarketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and PR by week 5.

The test campaign delivered:

  • Better clarity on which channels work and which don’t in Deltek’s chosen German target markets
  • An increase in web traffic in visitors, page views, average time on site across the test campaign period
  • An expanded contact universe ready for sales to further prospect
  • A promising start on German PPC activity to be built on further

After 9 months Deltek decided to invest in additional internal marketing resource with German language capabilities. We did a thorough hand-over and entered a new phase of our collaboration. Now we continue to provide support, working with the senior marketing specialist looking after the German market.

16th July 2015