How we helped CivilisedBank develop their brand and build marketing from scratch.
Civilised Bank Logo

What CivilisedBank needed

When CivilisedBank gathered a team of entrepreneurs and bankers to go through the process of applying for a banking license with the regulators (PRA and FCA), they required a skilled marketer to provide strategic marketing input into the application and relevant policies and procedures. Someone who could slot into the leadership team with sound experience in building marketing from scratch.

CivilisedBank’s founder understands the power of a strong brand. He wanted that person to be able to grasp the Civilised brand and to deliver marketing that fosters it. There was also a need for a baseline activity of social media management and occasional communication around press announcements and events. Flexibility with the ability to turn up support during high pressure times was also important.

“CivilisedBank is a marketing-driven business with ambitious growth plans for the UK business and savings market. The success of our business strategy hinges on effective marketing and product innovation. We decided to have Marke2ing join us in our mission to make banking more civilised because they can provide exactly what we need: they get our brand, think commercially, act like entrepreneurs themselves and bring corporate marketing experience to support our expansion. What made that decision even easier is that they will be our insourced marketing directors on a flexible schedule, thinking and acting as CivilisedBank.”

Jason Scott – Founder of CivilisedBank

How Marke2ing helped

Our marketing director collaborated with the leadership team on putting together the banking license application, working through the marketing strategy and planning input, and also helping review all policies and procedures.

Working with the founder and the lead agency to develop the core branding structure and messages, she shaped the brand proposition and marketing strategy. She also developed two iterations of the website including scoping requirements, briefing the agency and writing copy.

Responsible for ensuring a steady flow of open communication to the interested public, our marketing director maintained regular social media activity, and took care of email marketing and PR. Briefing and managing the PR agency, she shared funding announcements and updates on the banking license application, and also a well received industry briefing on restoring trust in financial services.

What’s next

Marke2ing continues to support CivilisedBank through the build phase of the banking platform and implementation of operations. Market research will be devised and carried out  to feed into shaping the marketing and advertising strategy. Our marketing director will also take care of screening suppliers for some specialist marketing areas and software. There are further policies and procedures to be developed. A marketing structure will be put in place, built around robust processes, systems, tools, reporting. She will also put an emphasis on designing customer touchpoints to ensure a consistent brand experience across all channels. Marke2ing is proud to be part of this exciting project to make banking more civilised.

12th May 2016