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To up-skill your marketing team & support senior marketer growth.

The calibre and expertise of your in-house marketing people have a direct impact on the quality of your marketing output. Without the right marketing leadership, management experience or execution skills, marketing investment can be misallocated and performance substandard. The people responsible for marketing in your business need to be armed and capable of taking your business to where it needs to be.

Arm your marketing team for future business growthB2B marketing mentor

As businesses evolve so must the people behind it. There are times when new challenges and objectives call for marketing expertise you may not have in-house. But without senior-level marketing expertise at hand, this can be a gap that can only be plugged from the outside. Our marketing mentor can give that perspective and be a practical source to train your in-house team.

Spot skills gaps and develop your marketers

Over time job roles can become mismatched to what your marketing output needs to be. As a business leader it’s important to identify skills gaps and where expertise may be lacking. Clients bring us in to help spot those issues and put robust skills training and professional development plans in place.

Support professional development for senior marketers

For marketing leaders and senior marketing professionals who are striving to further their career, or are facing a challenging strategic initiative, the support of a marketing mentor  can be invaluable. Even more so in organisations where there’s no other senior marketing shoulder to lean on. We guide senior marketers through challenging projects leaving them ready and able to cope with the next one. And we help grow them as professionals, armed for the next stage of their marketing career.

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Is up-skilling your internal marketing resource on your mind? Or helping your marketers step up a gear? Perhaps you’d like a professional view on your current resource and advice on how to further develop them? Talk to us about how one of our marketing mentors can help.

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Coaching, mentoring and recruitment at Marke2ing are led by co-founder, Linsay Duncan. Here’s some highlights of her experience:

  • Strategic advice and guidance: Linsay supports marketing managers and marketing directors in their day-to-day role, from adhoc advice on marketing leadership issues to guidance on specific marketing initiatives.
  • Multi-discipline team management: With over a decade’s experience leading multi-discipline marketing teams, Linsay’s recruited for, coached and managed people a wide range of levels and skillsets.
  • Up-skilling: Linsay regularly interviews marketers, analysing their capabilities in relation to marketing departmental objectives, and recommending structured up-skill programmes.
  • Developing professional development programmes: Competent at building tailored professional development programmes, Linsay advises business leaders on how to carve out a clear and structured growth path for their marketers.
  • International / remote management: Having built and managed marketing teams in the US, EMEA and APAC Linsay helps establish productive ways of working, to best cope with the challenge of distance and time difference.