5 Signs You Should Invest in a Business Marketing Mentor


When it's time to consider a business marketing mentor

As a marketer, being challenged by your job – whether through a step up the career ladder, taking on management responsibilities or tackling a new project – is a good thing. Right? Yes, it’s change and challenge that grow us as professionals. And life would be incredibly dull if the landscape stood still.

How we handle pressure like this can directly impact how we progress professionally.

Coping with challenging situations isn’t always about being the hero. Coping is also about knowing when to ask for help.  If you’re a marketer and find yourself stuck in one of these situations, it may be time to call in reinforcements.

The big promotion

You’ve made that step up you’ve been dreaming of. That senior marketing position is now yours. Congrats! But now, how to manage all that added responsibility, extra pressure from above, and new challenges it brings? You’ve also got to manage the transition from your previous job while trying to make an impression in your new role. Gulp.

This can lead to even more hair-pulling if you don’t happen to have an experienced marketer around to lean on. Someone who’s been in your shoes. At crucial times like these where you need to  step up, and fast, it might be time to learn from a marketing mentor. They can pass on their experience, and impart valuable knowledge whilst up-skilling you. Quality mentoring can seriously help you fast forward progress.

First time steering the helm

Exciting, motivating, interesting, challenging, worrying, terrifying – all sentiments likely to hit the first time you’re handed the reins in a senior marketing position. When people turn to you for guidance and strategy for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you pull a marketing strategy together? What direction should it take? And what sets a good strategy apart from a bad one?

Of course, there’s lots of helpful advice online – ‘how to’ guides, strategy templates etc. Well worth exploring. However, when time is tight or online resources only take you so far, that’s is where calling in an outside professional can be a smart move. A business marketing mentor experienced in shaping and delivering strategies, who’s done this before, can give just the steer and practical advice you need to set you on the right path. Saving you time and taking away that fear of the unknown.

The time-poor leaderWhen it's time to call in a business marketing mentor

Why oh why isn’t human cloning a thing yet? Frustrating when work is so manic that you feel you need two of yourself or another 24 hours in each day. During periods when it seems time constantly slips through your fingers, and there’s only more of the same ahead, stop for a moment. If lack of time is noticeably impacting performance the sensible thing may be to ask for help.

Pulling in an extra set of hands to share the workload or hand over a project to, can bring immediate relief.  Not to mention help you win back previous time. A marketing mentor worth their weight in gold can help you wade through your workload, boost performance, and help you shine.

People management

Taking on responsibility for a larger group of people, particularly for marketers new to people management, can be incredibly daunting. After all, it’s people’s careers and professional development you’re influencing here! While some people thrive on it, people management skills are not innate in everyone.

Similarly, when leading an inexperienced team or people who need up-skilling in areas you’re not an expert in, how do you know if you’re capable of addressing their needs? Acknowledging gaps in your own leadership expertise is a strength, not a weakness. Now you know exactly where you need help and can seek out help.

There are people gifted in this area who can offer invaluable advice and knowledge, to help you become the people leader you’ve always strived to be. What’s more you’ll find there are marketing trainers with ready-made courses designed to bring the people manager out in you.

The unknown

With successful growing business, one thing you can be sure of is that change lies ahead. From focusing on new markets, entering new territories, expanding product ranges to mergers and acquisitions, marketing will need to adapt and respond. When faced with new demands, where do you turn?

If your CEO is asking new and challenging things of you, and there’s no time to re-train or go on a course to upskill yourself, consider bringing in an expert. A good business marketing mentor will be able to walk you through the steps to get you where you need to be. They’ll give practical advice but can also feed into the actual project or strategy you’re working on. Having someone show you the ropes once, can payback tenfold. Good professional support can leave you with skills and capabilities that stay with you throughout your career.

The benefits of a business marketing mentor

Accelerate performance

What all of this boils down to is recognising when it makes sense to accelerate performance through outside help. Whether for your performance or that of your team, or of the marketing you deliver. Struggling on whilst things slip and stress mounts is neither sustainable nor good for your sanity. With a quality business marketing mentor at your side before you know it those hurdles will be far behind.

Talk to a marketing mentor

Think you may have some skills gaps to fill in your team, or want some professional support yourself? Talk to our marketing mentor, Linsay Duncan, for some no-strings advice on whether mentoring is something you should consider.

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